April 10, 1979
March 20, 1985
May 16, 1979
March 31, 1985
The issue of screams having been heard by campers the night of the murders became a point that the plaintiffs brought out in the civil trial.  Counselors and camp leaders told scouts that it was only the sounds of girls giggling and yelling on their first night of summer camp.  The parents began to show a pattern of leaders at Camp Scott ignoring important reports from campers and asking those reporting the events to keep it quiet.
May 16, 1979
June 9 1978
March 21, 1985
March 20, 1985
March 28, 1985
May 7, 1985
Civil Suits Filed by the Families
A few months after the murders two of the families sued the Magic Empire Council and their insurance company for negligence.  Two separate juries' found in favor of the Girl Scouts.  An appeal for a third trial was denied.
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March 27, 1985
March 26, 1985
March 23, 1985